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xx Military and First Responder Appreciation 3-7 and 11-14 Oct at Eagle Creek Golf

October 03, 2016, 21:43:42 by joe.blanchard
All,   Subject: Appreciation week at Eagle Creek

On behalf of Eagle Creek Golf Club wishes to invite the Military and First Responders of Ottawa Region the opportunity to play Eagle Creek Golf Club recently voted, “top 100 golf courses in Canada”. We will be offering two appreciation weeks in October please see attachment. If you could pass this document along to all the bulletin boards in Ottawa Region and they can simply email us and set up tee times at half price. I hope they come on out and feel like our members and enjoy one of the best golf courses in our region.

Kind regards

Ryan Little PGA, Director of Operations, Eagle Creek Golf Club
ClubLink One Membership More Golf®
109 Royal Troon, Lane, R.R. #1, Dunrobin, Ontario, K0A 1T0
Tel: 613-832-3804 ext. 2224 | Fax: 613-832-2955
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xx why was the navy so secretive

September 24, 2016, 18:19:36 by jwhitten
So the Canadian armed forces just put off a training operation called CUTLASS FURY and some of the ships involved were stationed in st.johns harbor. And i noticed that two american ships were away from all the others,we went over to get a better view and a US military police and US navy men were standing in the road with tire spikes layed down.We only went over to ask the name of the two ships and he said they were "classified" and on the back of one of the ships there was a gazebo set up. i'm just wondering what would cause the navy to be so secretive about the ships they have stationed? or is it because there were like special forces on the ships? also all the other ships everyone could see and read the names.
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xx Seeking application/role advice

August 31, 2016, 15:02:23 by mawatcha

I am new to the forums, please redirect me if this is the wrong place for posting.

As I approach my mid-20s, I am starting to feel stifled by the mundanity of office life where I work and am thinking about the Army or Navy, particularly as I have had family members in both.

I am interested in three positions right now - Signals Officer, Naval Communicator and Resource Management Support Clerk. I know that all three of those are very different but I find each to be really interesting. My background is in administration and I have worked at both a university and non-profit, with a degree in communications and certificate in Human Resources.

My main curiosity is around the difference between being an officer or non-commissioned member. If I didn't go for an Officer position, is it really difficult to advance in a non-commissioned role? I am not sure if my degree aligns with the Signals Officer requirement. I am also not expecting advancement opportunities right away, just interested to know if they are there.

Thank you for any advice anyone can offer, I am really excited to learn more.
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Navyca-Ico Interested In Sonar Ops

August 02, 2016, 20:24:45 by SonarOptional
Hey guys and gals,

My names Tyler. 23 years old from Halifax. Currently doing refrigeration and air conditioning work, not really enjoying it all that much. HAve been thinking more and more about joining the Navy.

The trade I'm interested in the most in Sonar Operator. Any Sonar Ops out there or just anyone in general who can answer some questions I have about the trade or just give me their thoughts on the trade?

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xx The navy is broke,' says former sailor over maintenance budget

July 25, 2016, 09:25:17 by Halifax Tar
Navy battles mould in frigate ventilation systems

All of Canada's front-line navy frigates have had serious mould problems, something that has routinely affected the health of sailors deployed overseas, a CBC News investigation has determined.

The navy has struggled to deal with the blight in the ventilation systems of the warships since it was first documented aboard HMCS St. John's in the fall of 2011, but a former senior commissioned officer says his repeated pleas to fix the situation fell on deaf ears.

More at link:

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xx Canada's Vulnerable Coastlines

June 15, 2016, 11:18:05 by Underway
From the Star today:

Canadian coastlines are vulnerable, outgoing navy commander warns

HALIFAX—The outgoing head of the navy says Canada is vulnerable and needs to work even more closely with the United States to improve the maritime security of North America.

Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, commander of the Royal Canadian Navy, said the government should look at investing in sensors to improve maritime surveillance and the information-sharing relationship between Canada and the U.S.

Norman, who will hand over the navy to Vice-Admiral Ron Lloyd on June 23, said the sensors could take a variety of forms, such as an underwater sensor network or land-based radar.

“At the moment we’re vulnerable,” said Norman during an exclusive interview recently with The Canadian Press onboard HMCS Windsor, as it sailed roughly 57 metres below sea level off the coast of Halifax.

“There are a number of threats and the question is: Are we prepared to simply accept the threats and the implications of them? Or do we want to do something about it? Do we want to know what’s going on?”

Those threats could include drug trafficking in the Caribbean, illegal migration or “potential military threats in a circumstance that perhaps people don’t like to think about,” said Norman.

He added Canada has been “fairly lucky.”

“We’ve been able to avoid any real situations that either have embarrassed the country . . . or have actually threatened the security of Canadians,” said Norman, who starts his new role as second in command of the Canadian Forces on Aug 5.

“But that doesn’t mean that the potential for those things happening isn’t real . . . As senior military officers, our responsibility is to provide advice beyond just being lucky. You don’t base strategy or policy on, ‘We’ve been lucky so far.’ ”

Norman says sensors would bolster what he called “maritime domain awareness” under the NORAD agreement. Established in 1958, NORAD is the joint U.S-Canada command providing aerospace warning, air sovereignty and defence for North America.

Norman’s comments come as the defence department undertakes a review of the future of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Ken Hansen, a professor at the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies at Dalhousie University in Halifax, said working more closely with the United States is imperative because it’s impossible to defend Canada on our own, given its size and population.

“If a serious threat was to develop, we would have absolutely no choice but to call on the Americans for help,” said Hansen in a recent interview.

“That means that they have to trust that we’re doing a reasonable job and not just, as Donald Trump says, freeloading.”

Hansen also agreed with Norman about investing in sensors.

“You need intelligence and you need surveillance systems to get that intelligence and to shape and co-ordinate what we do and where and when,” said Hansen. “You can build a trust relationship by being smart about where you put your resources.”

Norman said investing in a sensor system is important, but it may not be seen as urgent in the context of the defence review currently underway.

“Do I see us having as a result of this defence policy review an explicit mention of improving the underwater sensor network in and around North America? Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see what happens,” said Norman.

“But it’s a growing concern from a maritime defence perspective and it’s something we need to think about going forward.”

Domain awareness is something that Canada does not do as well as we could, given the geographical/climate/budgetary challenges.  There are discussions (some action) on sensors going into the arctic for domain awareness, I wouldn't be surprised if that program were to be expanded to include other areas.  Trinity sure as hell could use the extra info to cross reference with what they already have going.

Interesting how the CAF seems to be able to talk about stuff now that the Harperites are no longer in power.  Whether you liked that particular government or not, all communications were very tightly controlled.  With the new government it seems that the CAF have found that they are freer to speak on issues with the attendant increase in seeing how the CAF leadership thinks and what they are looking at.  This article is an example of that change. 
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