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clip Search feature not working

December 13, 2017, 22:16:15 by war2001v
Hey guys, this might be just for me but I've found the search function hasn't been working recently, whenever I try to use it I keep getting an error saying "Called to Undefined function mysql_connect()", and I've tried from both mobile and's what it shows.
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Navyca-Ico CSEO Related Inquiry: knowledge from university

November 20, 2017, 17:22:58 by Epelix
Good day,

I'm currently under ROTP and in my third year as a Computer Engineering student. My trade is MSEO, but I have submitted a VOT application to CSEO.
As I have minimal to no experience or knowledge compared to students at RMC, I had a few questions to ask on the forum.

1) Is computer or electrical engineering knowledge taught in university ever used on the job?

2) I have to make a choice in fourth year between the software and hardware specialization. Which would be more suitable and applicable for the trade CSEO?

I'm not sure which section of the forums this should go under so if this section is inappropriate for type of post, please feel free to move it elsewhere.

Thank you,
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xx Of Ships and Politics

November 19, 2017, 14:44:56 by Chris Pook
This video on the development of the Frigate addresses a bunch of topics of current interest:

What the Americans lost when they declared independence.
The value of a navy.
The value of a forward presence.
The problems of North Africa.
The value of appropriately designed ships (neither too big nor too small)

Heavy emphasis on the Jonathans - but I suppose that is to be expected.  ;)
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xx HMC Ship deployment crew numbers - ATI request

September 20, 2017, 15:20:20 by Occam
I'm interested in finding out how many personnel (bonus points for breakdown between ship's crew and Air Det) were embarked on a particular HMC Ship deployment from the early 1990's.  Would also be good to find out how many joined/departed while in theatre.  I'm aware that names or other identifying data would be redacted on an ATI request, which is fine - I'm only interested in numbers.

I know there are various sources that might have this information; looking for advice on which might prove most fruitful on a ATI request.

- ship's log
- I've heard of a "Captain's Ship Book" (or something similar)
- Annual historical reports
- post-deployment reports

Anything I might've missed, or advice that can help narrow the scope of my ATI request?
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xx Canada in a Maritime World: Leadmark 2050

September 04, 2017, 12:05:49 by Underway
Attached is a link to which I'm not sure when it was finally released (sometime after the Lib gov't got their footing I'm sure).  I've read the previous version (pre defence strategy) and not much has changed that I could notice.

Its a good read and for those interested in what the RCN overarching strategy is going forward.  This combined with the new Defence Strategy should be taken together IMHO, there is plenty of overlap between the two.  Look to see procurement and personnel decisions being made with this document in mind.

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xx 2017 MARLANT Change of Command Parade

September 03, 2017, 08:21:13 by FSTO
Anyone on the East Coast attend the COMD MARLANT change of command? I saw pictures and to call it a dog's breakfast would be an insult to dog puke.

The Guard sitting in chairs? WTF?
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